1. In this agreement:
  1. The “owner” is SuperCheap Mini Skips.
  2. The “hirer” is the person, firm or corporation who has hired or is using the skip.
  3. The “skip” is the bin/container provided by SuperCheap Mini Skips to the hirer.
2. The hirer agrees:
  1. To pay skip hire as charged by the owners.
  2. That hire charges commence when the skip is delivered on site and concluded when the skip is removed from the site.
  3. The unpaid skip will be left on site, additional daily hire charges will accrue until the account has been paid in full.
  4. Should payment not be made within a reasonable time the skips contents may be discharged on-site without any further negotiation.
  5. Food waste, wet kitchen waste and household garbage is prohibited under local authority by-laws.
  6. Paints, poisons, solvents, oils, grease, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, ammunitions, explosives and any other harmful or poisonous substances, liquid, powder, solid or gas is strictly prohibited in the skip.
  7. That the owner or its employees may reduce load size or remove any dangerous or prohibited items from the skip.
  8. Not damage the skip by mechanical loading or by allowing materials to free fall into the skip. Any repairs required will be at the hirers expense at the rates invoiced by the owner.
  9. Not to ignite any combustible materials in the skip and prevent others from doing so. Any repairs required will be at hirers expense at rates as invoiced by the owner.
3. The hirer agrees that the owner or its employees shall not be liable for:
    1. Any damage whatsoever to persons or property arising as a result or in any way connected with the hire of the skip or entry/exit or unloading of the skip or by the delivery vehicle.
    2. Delays in collection, delivery, non delivery or any costs associated therewith.
    3. Any prohibited substances found in its skips by EPA or local authority personnel, and that any action by these authorities, legal or otherwise will be at the hirers expense and responsibility, should a substance have to be removed from a land fill site.
    4. Unloading of any skip on site that does not conform to any part of this agreement without further negotiation.
4. The hirer hereby:
  1. Covenants and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SuperCheap Mini Skips in respect of any claims, demands, suits, actions or otherwise by the hirer or by any third party not a party to this agreement arising as a result of or in any way connected with the skip while the skip is on-site.

Special Note:

All loads over ½ tonne (2mtr skip) and 1 tonne (3mtr skip and over) for any single skip will incur a $100 per tonne or part thereof charge. The hirer agrees to the owner emptying out any additional weight not paid for at the site of collection or paying the overweight levy listed above. Additional fees apply for skips required for more than 1 week.

Skips are meant for general household cleanup waste material and not heavy solid waste. Large heavy loads of solid waste can be arranged to be collected at an agreed price by the owner. Heavy items will incur the owner an additional dumping penalty at the waste disposal site and therefore will need to be passed onto the hirer.

Weight and height restrictions apply to the skip hire.

Payment must be made prior to or on delivery of skip bin.